Accident Injury Recoveries

We often obtain money for clients who were previously told by an insurance adjuster or another law firm that they weren’t entitled to compensation.

Why not call us and see if we can do the same for you? You don’t pay Ostroff Injury Law until you get paid. Here is a summary of some of the recoveries we have obtained for our clients:

Settlement for Spouses

$1.95 Million

Ostroff Injury Law obtained a $1.95 million settlement for a client who was injured when his car struck a van that had failed to stop at an intersection.

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Our client was released the same day from the emergency room with no serious injuries diagnosed, and he missed only one day of work following the accident. Ostroff Injury Law stood by him from the time he first contacted the firm. Eventually, his injuries proved to be much worse than emergency room doctors realized, and Ostroff Injury Law was able to obtain a recovery for him and his wife of almost $2 million.

Neck and Mild Brain Injury Verdict

$3.5 Million

We were requested by this client’s previous attorney to take over handling this client’s case. We obtained a verdict of $3.5 million for a client who sustained a neck fracture and mild brain injury.

Back Injury Verdict


Following a highly contested and publicized trial, Ostroff Law obtained a verdict of $625,000 for this client who sustained a herniated disc in her lower back.

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Surgery was NOT required for her injury. This verdict included a punitive damage award of $500,000, which was intended to punish the defendant for reckless conduct.

Back Surgery after Accident


Our legal team obtained a $300,000 settlement for a client who required back surgery due to injuries he sustained in an auto accident.

Injured Motorcyclist


Four months after being hired, Ostroff Injury Law recovered $250,000 for our client, an injured motorcyclist.

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All available insurance was obtained for our client from the negligent driver’s company. But we didn’t stop there… Ostroff Injury Law defeated an attempt by our client’s health insurance company to seek reimbursement for medical bills totaling over $63,000. This resulted in over $63,000 more in our client’s pocket. No matter how well we do for our client, we never forget that every penny counts.

Settled Within 8 Months


We recovered the full insurance amount of $100,000 only eight months after our client’s representation was terminated by his local lawyer.

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In 2015, our client was injured in a car wreck. His lawyer handled his case for several months before terminating his representation.  Ostroff Injury Law agreed to represent this client. About 8 months after taking over his case, Ostroff Injury Law recovered $100,000—all of the insurance that was available from the negligent driver’s company.

Victims Injured by a Drunk Driver

Ostroff Injury Law has obtained damages for people who were hit by drunk drivers.

Accident for Bicyclist

$3.5 Million

We recovered $3.5 million for a young female bicyclist who was struck by a drunk driver and suffered trauma to her brain, numerous fractures, and scars.

Settled within 8 Months


We obtained a $296,000 insurance policy limit settlement within 8 months of auto accident for a client who required wrist surgery after his car was struck by a drunk driver.

UIM Award

$1.3 Million

We won a $1.3 million award for our client who had his ankle badly injured and required surgery following a head on crash caused by a DUI driver. We recovered more than twice the $500,000 UIM policy limit!

Recoveries for Passengers

Ostroff Injury Law regularly obtains monetary awards for people who were injured as passengers.

Passenger Fatality Settlement

$5 Million

We reached a $5 million settlement for the estate of a client that was killed as a passenger in a crash. This followed a successful verdict that we obtained in this matter.

Passenger Verdict


We obtained an $850,000 verdict for a passenger that had his jaw broken and sustained significant dental injuries.

Multimillion-dollar Settlement

$2.1 million

We reached a $2.1 million settlement within 18 months of the auto accident for a client who suffered a severe pelvic injury as a passenger in an auto accident.

Awards and Professional Recognition

Representing more than 25,000 clients during the past 25 years has given Ostroff Injury Law the knowledge and experience to win in the courtroom or settle an insurance claim for top dollar. The firm receives continuing recognition by the legal community, clients, and high-profile publications.

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