How Long Will it Take to Recover Damages After a New Jersey Accident?

20668122-car-accidentThere are some things that are the same after a New Jersey accident, regardless of whether you are covered by a “Limitation on Lawsuit” insurance policy.

Specifically, you want to make as full a recovery as possible as quickly as possible, so you can get back to living your life.

As an auto accident law firm with decades of experience, we understand that desire, we respect it, and we will work hard to make it a reality for you. We will not wait around for the insurance company to decide it is time to provide you with a fair settlement. Instead, we will zealously advocate for a fair recovery beginning the moment you hire our firm.

A Limitation on Lawsuit insurance policy should not result in a delay in getting the compensation you deserve. For more information about how long it might take you to recover, please contact Ostroff Injury Law today.